WonderCover wins the Innovative Product Award at the 2021 National Insurance Awards

QOMPLX:UNDERWRITING was nominated for categories of Cyber Product of the Year and the Innovative Product award at the 2021 National Insurance Awards.

The team was honored to have won the Innovative Product award.

The National Insurance Awards recognize the role that insurers play in protecting business and society, including the enablement of technological progress and underwriting innovation through to ongoing support during the pandemic. They pay tribute to the people and companies in the industry who are committed to providing insureds more options and leading the way in transforming the industry.

This year's awards list included highly respected nominees from across the United Kingdom. Winners were chosen by an expert advisory board charged with identifying companies that are solving problems and having a revolutionary impact in insurance. The prestigious formal gala dinner event was held on the 14th of July 2021 at Grosvenor House, London – with key industry players in attendance.

QOMPLX:UNDERWRITING was recognized specifically for WonderCover™, the first ever cyber and terror combined protection for SMEs. WonderCover is a parametric insurance coverage, which means that losses are paid an agreed sum if a specified trigger is met.  It is a simple and powerful three-in-one protection that includes: Cyber Data Breach, Cyber Service Outage and Terrorism Disruption. The premiums are affordable, there are no long adjustment periods, and pay-outs occur quickly.

QOMPLX:UNDERWRITING is looking at opportunities to expand and bring additional parametric solutions to the market in a bespoke manner based on each geographic region.  The team is committed to helping businesses succeed and avoid severe financial impacts when a loss occurs.  These solutions are tied by the common thread of being affordable, flexible, and fast.